Twitter User, Thespiankadesh Claims Lagos Police Officers Extorted Him

 I just came out from police detention now and I was extorted. They stopped my bolt ride at 3rd mainland bridge and they said I should enter my school portal after I told them I’m a student which I did. I showed them and the saw my profile. They left there and stated checking my social media.

Checked my Twitter handle and asked why is my name thespiankadesh (my nickname because I’m truly a thespian) when my school ID is showing Edobor Efosa Clinton (my real name). They said I’m a fraudster. They checked my WhatsApp and saw transactions of me buying

Bitcoin and giftcards as I’m a mini vendor and they said I’m a yahoo boy. They entered my bolt ride and told the driver to drive to EFCC office at Ikoyi. When we got close, they stopped and asked me how much I can give them because if I get there it will be worse. They said I should bring 5 million Naira because I’d spend more to bail myself if I get to efcc office. I said I don’t have that kind of money and they asked how much I have. I don’t know how to do thread. Long story short, I was extorted off my hard earned money. This country will not end me. I’m still in shock and pains.

It was like I was kidnapped. They didn’t allow me access to my phone to at least call my family members. This happens about 45 mins ago. I don’t have a large Twitter audience that’s why I’m tweeting under this tweet. I must leave this county very soon by God’s grace ��. I’d do everything possible to leave even if it means taking loan

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