Palestinian inmates allegedly fathered children outside jail by smuggling their sperm in snacks

A Palestinian terrorist, in prison for 15 years, allegedly fathered four children during his time in jail after his sperm was smuggled out.

The claim was made by newly-released terrorist Rafat Al-Qarawi on Palestinian Authority Television.

Despite sperm not lasting that long outside of its hosts body, he claimed that the bags are filled, released, and marked with the name of whomever has filled it.

He said: "We smuggled out sperm through the canteen. The Palestinian prisoner gives his family five items in a bag. It's like going to a supermarket and you want to give your family something, a gift, candies, cookies, juice, honey, whatever you want.

"We would emit the sample seconds before they would call our names and put it in bags, wrap them in a certain way and mark them with the sperm inside it, mark it, and tie it with strings the way we had told the family during the previous visit."

According to Palestinian Media Watch, around 101 children have been conceived and born in this manner.

He was arrested in 2006 for terror activity during the Second Intifada against Israel.

He was released in March, 2021, and made the claims during an interview on the Giants of Endurance show, which aims to glorify terrorists as Martyrs.

The man added, in comments translated by PMW: "We put the sample inside a bag of potato chips or cookies and resealed it professionally so that the prison guard or Israeli police officer would not be able to discern whether or not the bag had been opened.

"When you go out to the visit the bag is with you. No one touches it other than the prisoner. The one who comes to receive the sample is your mother or your wife.

"Of course everyone had their name written on their bag. The family goes out from the prison with the bag and goes to the Razan Medical Center for insemination."

The Razan Medical Center is an infertility and IVF clinic in Nablus.

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