Next time the world suffers pandemic it could be worse than coronavirus' - Bill Gates

Billionaire Microsoft founder, Bill Gate has warned that future pandemics could be worse than the coronavirus pandemic.

Gates spoke of his worries as the Bill & Melania Gates Foundation donated $150 million (£110m) to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI) on Wednesday, January 19.

CEPI are set to use the donations in the fight against coronavirus as well as in preparation for potential pandemics in the future, it was announced on Tuesday

Speaking about the work done by CEPI, Gates said in a statement;

"As the world responds to the challenge of a rapidly evolving virus, the need to deliver new, lifesaving tools has never been more urgent."

"Next time the world suffers pandemic it could be worse than coronavirus"

CEO of CEPI, Dr Richard Hatchet, said: "These generous pledges will dramatically advance CEPI's plan to reduce epidemic and pandemic risk in the future by developing vaccines against emerging infectious diseases while ensuring equitable access for all."

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