George Floyd's 4-year-old grandniece shot while sleeping in her bed on New Year's day

A 4-year-old girl, who has reportedly been identified as the grandniece of George Floyd, was shot while sleeping in her bed during the early hours of New Year's Day.

According to ABC13, the bullet was fired by an unidentified suspect, or suspects, who shot into her family's Texas house. The girl identified as Arianna was shot in the torso and is in stable condition after an emergency surgery, police said. The bullet punctured her lung and liver and also broke three ribs, ABC 13 Houston reported.

At the time of the shooting which occurred around 3a.m, four adults and two children were inside the home on Yellowstone Blvd in south Houston. Arianna's father said "My daughter jumped up and said, 'Daddy, I been hit."

According to ABC affiliate KTRK-TV, Arianna's father, Derrick Delane, said that authorities did not show up to the residence until 7 a.m. — four hours after the shooting occurred.

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