Experts say Omicron could end Covid pandemic and 'life may be back to normal in 60 days'

An epidemiologist has optimistically predicted that we could see something approaching normal life in just a couple of months.

Tyra Grove Krause, the chief epidemiologist at Denmark's State Serum Institute, predicts that the massive surge in Omicron infections will peak by the end of January, and after that the situation should improve quite rapidly.

Speaking to Danish news station TV2, she said that while Omicron is much more infectious than the Delta variant, cases tend in general tend to be milder – raising hopes of a widespread natural immunity.

Speaking about the situation in Denmark, she said: "Omicron will peak at the end of January, and in February we will see declining infection pressure and a decreasing pressure on the health care system."

She added: "But we have to make an effort in January, because it will be hard to get through.

"I think we will have that in the next two months, and then I hope the infection will start to subside and we get our normal lives back."

Another Danish expert, Professor Lars Ƙstergaard from the Department of Infectious Diseases at Aarhus University Hospital, says that while we’ll probably never be completely rid of Covid-19, the virus will in time become a manageable condition.

He said: "I never think we'll ever wave goodbye to the corona, but we want such a good immunity in the population - partly because of new vaccines, partly because people have been infected - that we can handle it as another of the infections we know that come especially in the winter months."

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