Doctor and his friend brutally murdered in his Abuja home

A Radiologist, Dr Obialo Ibe, and his friend have been brutally murdered by unknown assailants in his residence at Games Village area of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

The victims were reportedly stabbed to death between 8am and 11am on Wednesday, December 15.

According to a man who claimed to be Ibe's neighbour, the house help is suspected to have poisoned the victims before stabbing them to death.

"It is believed that the house boy poisoned the doctor and his friend, hacked them to death, and stole his SUV, cash, and took off. I heard that he was arrested at the Nigeria-Niger border.” the neighbour said.

Quoting Ibe's younger sister, Barrister Adanna Ibe, one Anthony Ogbo said the slain doctor was slated to leave for the United States of America with his friend the day they were murdered.

He added that they were stabbed several times in the chest and abdomen while Ibe’s new car, luggage and some documents were taken away by the killers.

Obi was ready to leave for the the airport. His friend came to pick him up. Adanna left for work.

She later called her brother to wish him safe journey but could not reach him. After several attempts, she then called the house boy. The house boy said he left Obi at home to go out for an errand.

Adanna got worried and went back home. On reaching home, the gate was locked from the outside with a new padlock. She called the house boy again who told her where to find the new key.

"She got into the house and found lifeless Obi and his friend in a pool of their own blood. They both have been stabbed several times in the chest and abdomen. His 5 month-old car and traveling luggage plus documents all gone."

Meanwhile, friends, family and colleagues have taken to social media to mourn the doctor and seek justice over his murder.

"Obi… I wasn’t going to post this because I didn’t want to believe you were truly gone. And in such a horrible way too. Then I saw your mum today and lo.. this is no nightmare. There’s no waking up from this. If we truly lived according to our deeds, you’d live to be one of the oldest people on this earth," Omar Obinna wrote.

"Never falling one inch off the mark, you were the standard for everyone; family and friends alike. You always walked the path of peace. Little wonder we were able to bully you out of your chair back in the day. You were as shy as shy can be, always smiling. I don’t have a single memory of you angry. Who knew it would all end like this? Obi, your death has left all of us heartbroken, pained, angry and helpless

"Your murderers will know no peace. A worse fate awaits them. May they find no peace in this life or after. Rest In Peace Obialor until we meet again"

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