Nigeria could have vanished – Buhari’s aide, Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media says Nigeria could have vanished like smoke.

The spokesman made the remarks in his Independence Anniversary message titled, ‘For Nigeria At 61, It’s Lafiya Dole, Peace By Force’.

Adesina observed that some are wondering what is the buzz about the country celebrating more than six decades of self-rule.

The aide stated that there’s a big deal about every landmark or milestone attained in life, because Nigeria may as well not have made it to that point.

“We could have fallen by the wayside, or vanished like smoke. The world owes nobody a living. Not individuals, not countries.

“That is why the Good Book enjoins us to number our days, “that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12)”, he noted.

Adesina said critics liken Nigeria to an adult condemned to a perpetual life of crawling, mentioning insecurity, agitations, millions of jobless youths, struggling economy, humongous corrupt acts and others which have characterized national life.

He insisted that Nigeria is the land of a resurgent economy, with the indices looking up, promising to get better and where corruption is being robustly fought.

Adesina said the government is wiping out enemies of its soul, cleaning up the forests, cities, towns taken over by terrorists and bandits, with the prospect of restoring peace at the shortest possible time.

He further described Nigeria as the land of renaissance in infrastructure: rail, roads, bridges, airports, and others.

The image maker lamented how some people do not want peace for the country and promote, celebrate rupture of tranquility.

Adesina said they are glad when troops suffer reversals on the battlefield but pretend not to see when security forces make advances and give enemies bloody noses.

“When bombs go off, killing and maiming innocent people, when bandits sack villages, or invade schools and abduct students, they quickly shout ‘security architecture,’ and alleged incompetence.

“They trumpet negatives, and close their eyes to positives. And in the blind search for power and relevance, they even subterraneanly bankroll terrorists.”

Adesina added that there’s no room for endless wailings on what has not been done, ignoring the lot accomplished and prayed for peace for Nigeria.

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