I’ll soon emerge the richest preacher – Pastor Ibiyeomie

THE founder of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, has prophesied on his life and ministry, declaring that he will be the richest and greatest man of God in his time.

The outspoken and fiery gospel preacher added that Christians should know God’s word and praise Him based on his unfailing promises to them.

Pastor Ibiyeomie has boasted that he will be the most successful preacher in his time just like his father was.

During a ministration in Port Harcourt on Sunday, October 3, Pastor Ibiyeomie admonished Christians to praise God not based on their current experiences but because of what he has said about them, PM News reports.

The cleric said he will end up rich and powerful like his father. He used the example of the patriarch Abraham in the Bible to urge his church members that although some of them have small beginnings, their latter end shall greatly increase.

The fiery pastor declared: “I will be the greatest and the richest preacher of my own time. My father in his own time was the richest. Me, I will be the richest in my time, though it may not look like that now but that is what I believe.”

Pastor Ibiyeomie builds brand new 100 per cent scholarship primary school in Port Harcourt.

Meanwhile, Ibiyeomie had built a brand new primary school where students were on a full scholarship. On Tuesday, February 2, the 58-year old pastor dedicated the school named Home of Success Academy. The school is an A-level primary school with all the basic amenities needed and a very conducive environment for learning. To be enrolled into the academic institution, students were expected to pass the entrance examination of the school.

Pastor Ibiyeomie is widely known for his positive contribution to his immediate society and beyond.

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