Homosexuals, lesbians don’t have a place in heaven – Pastor Omakwu

Pastor Sarah Omakwu, the Senior Pastor of Family Worship Center (FWC), says homosexuals and lesbians do not have a place in the kingdom of God.

Omakwu said this on Sunday at the end of the 2021 Anvil Singles Network Conference where she admonished Christians against homosexuality and lesbianism.

According to her, the sins of homosexuality and lesbianism are detestable sins clearly written in both the old and new testament of the Holy Bible.

She warned that no matter the pressure of modernization, westernization, or civilization, the sins of homosexuality and lesbianism are detestable sins that brings forth the wrath and anger of God.

“The Holy Bible is our guide as Christians, and no matter what the internet is saying the sins of homosexuality and lesbianism are detestable.

“Having sex through the anus is against nature, it’s against the natural use of the anus which is for passing out faeces.

“Men who have sex with other men don’t have a place in God’s kingdom, also Husbands should not force their wives into having sex through the anus, it’s an abomination,” the Cleric said.

Omakwu noted that if God judged and punished the sin of homosexuality in the old testament, according to the Holy Bible, he would still judge and punish homosexuality in recent age and time.

She appealed and advised those involved in taking advantage of people, sleeping with other people’s husbands or wives to control their body and desist from such acts.

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