Brymo will have an opportunity to substantiate his claims with proof in court - 2Face's management releases statement

2Face's management, Now Muzik has released a statement following singer, Brymo's reaction to being served court papers over the allegation he levelled against the veteran singer.

Recall that 2Face had threatened to file a N1 billion defamation lawsuit against his colleague, Brymo, if he fails to apologize over claims of 2Face accusing him of sleeping with his wife and arranging for him to be assaulted.

Brymo who was given 48 hours to apologize over the allegation, had asked his colleague to go to court as he will be standing by his claims. He also told 2Face to "stay at home" because his reign is over.

Reacting to this, 2Face's manangement stated that it is up to fans to decide if the veteran singer's reign is over, or if it is Brymo's turn to ascend to the throne.

They stressed that Brymo will have an opportunity "substantiate his claims with proof in court" as 2Face won't be dissipating any energy engaging him in media exchanges.

Now Muzik which reiterated that only a court of competent jurisdiction can serve justice to the innocent and enforce punitive actions against the guilty, added that anything asides this is a "circus" and they are no clowns.

Read the statement below...

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