7-year-old boy abandoned over alleged witchcraft rescued in Akwa Ibom

A 7-year-old boy who identified himself as Samson has been rescued by the Child's Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) in Eket, Akwa Ibom State.

The boy was found wobbling on the streets last night, October 12, and brought to the CRARN children shelter.

According to the NGO, the boy was extremely exhausted and looked dazed but managed to reveal that he had been in a prayer house where he was bathed with concoctions and made to drink same in bid to exorcise him of withcraft.

Read statement below:

Seven Years Old Child Rescue in The Midnight

This child was seen wobbling on the streets in the midnight just now and brought to the CRARN Children Centre, Ikot Afaha, Eket.

He stinks with oil extracted from pythons, local palm kennel and olive oil rubbed all over his body.

He managed to say he is from Akai Ubium in Akwa Ibom State and was in a prayer house where he was bathed with hot oil mixed leaves and other concoctions

His ears are stuffed with the concoction which he was also forced to drink to exorcize him of a phantom and flimsy witchcraft spell

He seems badly exhausted and speaks slowly as if he’s suffocated and has breath difficulty and hearing impairment

He could not respond to questions and blinks his eyes intermittently with dazed and confused state. He’s about seven years of age and goes by the name Sampson.

That’s is the fate of thousands of children in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. To support Sampson and abandoned children.

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