NUC approves King David University of Medical Sciences, Ebonyi

His determination to provide quality education not only for his people but also for humankind, the Ebonyi State Governor, David Nweze Umahi established King David University of Medical Sciences, Ebonyi State.

Yesterday, the National Universities Commission (NUC) gave full approval for the university to begin operation.

With the approval, King David University of Medical Sciences has become the 197th university to provide quality education for Nigerians. The institution has been described as a world-class and the most beautiful university edifice ever built in Africa.

The King David University of Medical Sciences is said to be one of the legacy projects of the Umahi’s administration.

The King David University of Medical Sciences (KDUMS) Uburu in Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State is designed as an ultra-modern 21st Century state-of-the-art International Medical University. The University’s central goal is for specialised manpower development in an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning in all aspects of medical specialities with the highest form of professionalism, ethics and excellence.

Authorities of the institution have noted that “the University is established with the vision and mission that are consistent with the Nigerian National Health Policy (NHP) and Strategy which is targeted at achieving Health for all Nigerians.

“Again, the University is programmed to provide the manpower needs to address the challenge of human resources for health in line with new global realities and trends that align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and emerging health issues, particularly with respect to global health challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic.”

On the core values of the university, the management said: “The core values of the University include excellence, Godliness, ethics, compassion, respect, delivery, collaboration; innovation, accountability, learning, improvement and sustainability.

The King David University of Medical Sciences focuses on encouraging the advancement of learning in Ebonyi State in particular and Nigeria in general; hold out to all persons, without distinction of race, creed, political persuasion or gender, the opportunity of acquiring higher education; for the purpose of realising the object, philosophy and aspiration set out, the University shall, so far as its resources permit provide such facilities for the pursuit of learning and acquisition of higher education as are appropriate for a University of the highest standing.

The university will build critical competencies and expertise in the health sciences under the most conducive learning environment with the highest form of professionalism, ethics and excellence.

It will also foster the spirit of creativity, inventiveness, resourcefulness and entrepreneurship; impact on her products and associates the spirit of patriotism, fairness, impartiality, incorruptibility and justice, and to propagate the ideal equality of all humankind; to mobilise all resources both locally and internationally, and work collaboration with other institutions of learning and donor agencies within and outside Nigeria for the advancement of knowledge through research and training, among others.

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