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There it is, the empty lantern stood
On the table, in darkness, with dust and  rust
no one to turn it on, no use was it for
the ruler of the spiritual world saw a need of it
others saw nothing,some saw something
the the ruler commanded for a spark of light
a fire in the lantern, to make it alive
some forces that doesn't want this happening
saw a need to set the lantern off,to no use
but as the ultimate ruler, his words are terrible
starting with a dim light,what can the lantern do?

or what can the owner of the lantern do
when he knows not to do, what to do?
at first, he had no knowledge about how
how the light he thought was off turned around
to have that which it has, the mysterious fire
the other elements tried to turn the light off
they try to manifest plans to turn it down and off
but as the powers of the supreme leader stands,
his powers being the greatest, unknown and mysterious

now the owner of the lamp understood these facts
acknowledging the supreme leader yet unseen
the supreme leader seeing these acknowledgements
tries to show more of his powers by making the light bright
shining very bright till no light can stand it
yet the owner of the light never thought of himself as god
but still seeing the supreme leader as he is
now the supreme leader is convinced
he maketh his lantern exceeding among all others
he maketh his lantern with gold and expensive crystal
he maketh his ways a clear path and his doing right
now he maketh the wonders of his works through the


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