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                                THE UNIMAGINABLE
Living unfulfilled,not what to be
Imaginable forces coverth the unimaginable
Humans hate sting me like a bee
Unimaginable maybe bigger than the imaginable

When i try to climb the ladder higher
But the way gets wary and shaky and dark
When the mind shows the imaginable
And when the body quiver for fear of the unknown

Grace made the mind seek for the unimaginable
Now the mind is filled with the unthinkable
When will my haves be uncountable?
When will my supplications be understandable?

The unimaginable switched sides with the imaginable
Making what seem not,seem right as the imaginable
Now my haves are uncountable and imaginable
My supplications are what i imagined.

this piece talks about two forces in which one is weaker than the other but the weaker force try so hard to cover the powers of the greater force but the poet believed grace made him  believe in the greater force despite his difficulties, he believed so hard in the greater force and then things starts to go on well in life in which he sees the greater force as something he has been waiting for for a long time.

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