POEM: Plead

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 Guild me, when i am alone
when i'm left with my mind
with thoughts of different kinds
running together and ready to blow

when i rely on you to still the storm
the storm of wealth,power,lust and pain
wanting to hold, please stop the rain
send your guild to me when enemies form

when the enemies say to themselves
"he has no God, let us take him away"
"let us bring him pain and make him insane"
but i know not the thoughts of man
or the will of a smiling face
or of a merry facial exhibition
i only know of the power of he that made me
the powers of he that made me who i am today

so i let they that wants me dead
after i made them know what God said
down on their kneels were they begged
and confessing their evil thoughts at me
i was only made amazed and wonder as to how
how God has been caring for me all along.


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