Antonio's Match: Season 2 (Part Three)

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Season Finale: Chasing Vanessa

Barry and Kennedy have always believed in Antonio when it came to women affairs. All three of them have been friends since they were kids because their parents worked closely together. Barry especially knew that Vanessa would be in his best friend’s bed like every other girl. Although no other girl had ever treated Antonio like that, his friends believed that there was a first time for everything. Vanessa was another first time case, a challenge that Antonio had to conquer and eventually brag about.

“How do you want to do this Antonio?” Barry asked with a smile on his face. He always loved it whenever Antonio was on a mission to get a girl to his bed.

“It's time to turn on the charms…as usual it'll be a two week plan. But, if it all goes well quickly she'll be in my bed in ten days.” Antonio said as he finally poured the himself a glass of the drink that was on his table. Talking about his plans with his friends always put him in a better mood.

Antonio usually needed two weeks to seduce a girl, his tactics were so watertight and guaranteed to always work. Antonio had always gotten any girl he went for in his sexual pursuit.

“Tomorrow we begin, I knew this was the course of action so I did further research…she'll be having classes tomorrow at 1400 hours, that's exactly thirty minutes after we’re done with our classes. So that'll be a good time to visit her.” Barry said as he rubbed his palms together and licked his lips. Barry was a friend and a fan of Antonio and always enjoyed his drama with adamant girls unfold.

“Great work Barry, abandon your cars gentleman. Tomorrow we'll go with the Bentley…” Antonio said and got a response from his friends immediately.

“The Bentley!”  Barry and Kennedy said simultaneously. The Bentley was Antonio's game car. He only went to school with it whenever a girl had a wealthy background and Vanessa fit that profile.

Antonio was in a better mood after talking to his friends, so he decided to play some music and share some drinks with his friends. After spending some good time together, the boys headed the class that day.

The next morning in class, Antonio found it difficult to concentrate on what was going on, his blood was hot, Antonio wanted to leave class immediately. It was the longest class he had ever been in, the young man wanted to get his seduction on…he wanted to get inside Vanessa's head and make her fall head over hills in love with him. Antonio had promised himself that he would make Vanessa beg for his dick before giving it to her.

“She's going to beg for it like other girls…they all want me and she will be part of them…” Antonio muttered to himself.

“Mr Gonzalez, I don't think you're paying attention to anything going on in this class.” Professor Hendricks said to Antonio when he noticed the man's mind was somewhere else.

“Oh I'm sorry professor, I received a call from my moms last night that a close relative of mine is critically ill, I'm worried about the dude. He means a lot to the family, that's why my mind strayed for a bit professor.” Antonio responded smoothly, his eyes conveyed the appropriate emotions for the lies he told.

“Oh I'm pretty sorry about that Mr Gonzalez…I hope he gets better.” But, the professor responded, he immediately regretted judging Antonio wrongly.

After the class, Antonio and his friends got into his Bentley and drove close to Vanessa’s class. Antonio looked like a supermodel in his Slim fit Versace polo and Gucci pants, his hair was stylishly woven to accentuate his facial features. He looked visually delicious and the effect of his looks were evident when girls went around him after class.

“There she is…” Kennedy said as Vanessa walked out from the class with her friends, she looked stunning, even more beautiful than she did the previous day and Antonio had no idea that was possible.

Barry and Kennedy left the car as Vanessa got closer, they were aware of Antonio's mode of operation. Vanessa would certainly go on a ride with him if things went according to plans Vanessa would certainly go on a ride with Antonio.

Antonio got out of the car when Vanessa got closer to him, he put on his charming smile and got ready to blow Vanessa’s mind with his visually appealing face and smooth lines.

“Hello Vanessa, before you say anything, I need to give me a minute...” Antonio said as he stood in front of Vanessa. She was about to lash out on him like she did the previous day but his soft spoken approach made her calm.

“Okay…you have five minutes.” Vanessa responded.

“Fantastic, I'm pretty sorry about yesterday. I'm usually not one to piss anyone off intentionally but I just wanted to apologize. My name is Antonio…I was caught off guard by your face that's why I behaved the way I did yesterday.”

“What happened to my face…” Vanessa was curious.

“This may sound corny but every word of it is true. You were like a vision when I first saw you yesterday…from the way you walk, to your skin, to your flawlessly gorgeous face, oh and don't get me started on your curves. You’re totally perfect…I just had to be friends with you somehow…again, I apologize for my approach.” Antonio said softly, his words were both apologetic and romantic.

“It's fine…” Vanessa smiled as she got ready to walk away.

“Um, one more thing…please I would like to take you to lunch, I'm pretty sure you're hungry after an exhausting class.” Antonio requested politely.

“I already have…” Vanessa was about to reject the lunch when Antonio cut in.

“As a way to say I'm sorry and you accepting it means you’ve forgiven me…” Antonio said.

Antonio’s words weakened Vanessa so she accepted, she told her friends that she would meet them up later while she followed Antonio. Barry and Kennedy were excited watching from a distance. They believed that their friend would get her to follow him and they were glad it worked.

Although Vanessa didn't say anything to Antonio about it, she was pretty impressed with his custom designed 2019 Bentley. It was actually weird for Antonio because he was used to girls complimenting his cars and clothes, even those trying to be adamant.

Antonio was quiet throughout the drive to the restaurant where they were supposed to have lunch, oh the player had a lot to say. The silence was intentional, he wanted to give Vanessa enough time to digest how handsome he was. That was something the young man did, he was usually silent during drives and always kept the women lusting after his looks. However, they usually said something about how handsome he was either directly or indirectly. Still, Vanessa was equally silent and that puzzled Antonio.

“Oh wow…” Vanessa uttered when they arrived at the restaurant. The place was empty with the staff at their beck and call. Antonio had made a call earlier to the restaurant. He had informed them that he had a special lunch planned for a special lady. So he paid the manager to keep the place empty for three hours.

“You like it?”  Antonio asked as he pulled a chair for Vanessa.

“I love it!” Vanessa responded excitedly.

Antonio was pleased with himself, Vanessa's excitement when she arrived at the restaurant was the first familiar emotion she showed since he met her. Finally, he was getting close to getting what he wanted from her. Vanessa enjoyed the treat at the restaurant, Antonio ensured that she was treated like a queen. He loved how she smiled when he told her sweet nothings. Certainly, his words registered to her, or so he thought. Antonio was certain that Vanessa would call him when she got home.

After a beautiful lunch that ran into the evening, Antonio dropped Vanessa at her apartment and returned to his apartment. When his friends asked how it went, Antonio told them everything. He added that she was certainly going to call him later in the day since they exchanged numbers.

However, Vanessa burst Antonio's bubble when she didn't call or send a text. The long haired Latino couldn't sleep. Antonio wondered if he had really met his match in Vanessa. The next day, Antonio went to Vanessa's class to see her again. When she saw him, she reacted to him like they didn't have a special dinner the previous day. The situation irked Antonio so much but he had to hide it.

Antonio offered to take her to lunch again, this time he took her to a picnic at the beach. The environment was so beautiful and Antonio was shirtless, exposing his beautifully sculpted physique. They had an even better time than that did the previous day. However, Vanessa would repeat her actions from the previous day and not call Antonio. And when he did call her, she told him that she couldn't talk.

Antonio was shocked but he remained determined, the young man continued his chase for two more weeks yet nothing happened. As each day passed, Vanessa fucked the young man's mind up. Finally, one weekend after a beautiful night out, the two almost kissed. Still, Vanessa stopped Antonio halfway and warned the young man not to repeat such a thing anymore.

That night Antonio was more demoralized than he had ever been, he went home broken. Vanessa had taken him to the cleaners and stomped on his ego. He went home and sat down on his couch, the dude had no idea what to think.

“Who is it?” Antonio asked when he heard his doorbell go off. There was no response yet he heard the bell do off again.

“Come in…” Antonio said reluctantly.

“Huh?”  Antonio uttered when he saw polished nails run down his chest from his shoulders from behind the couch. He looked at the hand and recognized it immediately. It was Vanessa's hands.

“Va…” Antonio tried to speak but was shushed by Vanessa.

“Don't speak…kiss me.” Vanessa said as she walked over the couch.

Antonio was confused, shocked, and excited, he had no idea what to think but he loved what was going on. Dionysus wasted little motion, he grabbed Vanessa's face and gave her the warmest kiss he had ever given to any woman. The kiss conveyed weeks of pent up desire, their bodies shuddered as the kissing intensified.

Antonio carried Vanessa to his bedroom while the kissing continued. He was so scared of letting go of her lips because he felt she would change her mind.

“Hmm…” Vanessa moaned softly as she pulled away from the kiss. She looked at Antonio's room slightly and smiled. The man had no idea what to think.

“Antonio…” Vanessa said as she pulled Antonio closer for another kiss. She removed her top and Antonio did the same…the man was still confused but every fiber of his being wanted to enjoy Vanessa first before asking any questions.

“oh my goodness…” Antonio uttered when he saw Vanessa's breasts. He had never been so excited to see any woman's breast as much as he was excited to see Vanessa's.

Vanessa smiled and pulled Antonio's head closer to herself, although Antonio was overwhelmed the young man knew when a woman wanted her breast sucked so he did the needful.

“oh yes…” Vanessa moaned as Antonio sucked her breast masterfully. They were both naked so he slid his hard cock inside Vanessa's pussy. The penetration felt different for Antonio, it was one he anticipated for so long. He actually enjoyed it like a school boy not like a Casanova who had just gotten another conquest.

“Aaah!” Vanessa moaned as Antonio moved slowly. The sex was methodical, it was beyond just sex, it was love making. Antonio moved like Antonio Banderas in Desperado. There were no fancy moves, it was just pure sexual pleasure and Antonio enjoyed it more than any sexual encounter he had ever had.

“I love you…” Vanessa uttered as Antonio raised his head up and they locked eyes.

“I love you too…” Antonio said instinctively. He was stunned by his own words, it was after he said them that he realized that he was actually in love with Vanessa. In his mission to win her heart, he actually fell for her.

The couple ejaculated shortly after they expressed their feelings for each other. After the sex, they for talking, it turned out that Vanessa had always liked Antonio and asked about him, she vowed that she would make him fall in love with her before they had sex. The two had another round of sex after Vanessa revealed the truth to Antonio. The two started dating officially and became an item in school, Antonio only stuck to Vanessa from that day.


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