Antonio's Match: Season 1 (Part Two)

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Part Two: Dionysus Meets Calypso

When Foxy got to the bathroom, she found no one there, she turned around and found a note by the night lamp, and it read thus; “I went out with the boys, won’t be coming anytime soon. You can let yourself out when you’re ready to leave; I had a wonderful time.”  

Foxy Daniels could not believe the note she read; she believed that the moment she shared with Antonio was magical. But, of course, she knew they had no conversation before the sexual intercourse. Still, she assumed that the sexual chemistry between them meant that they were dating. The feeling Foxy had was not new; several women always felt that way with Antonio; the man was a master of the female anatomy to the point that they all felt they had a real connection with him each time they had sex.

“What the actual fuck?” Foxy muttered to herself as tears dripped down her left cheek. She couldn't believe it, she didn't know how to feel. It made sense that Antonio would treat her in that manner. She had only just met him even though she had always had a crush on him.

“I ain't going nowhere after such awesomeness, heck no,” Foxy said to herself as she headed to the shower. She decided that she would stay behind until Antonio returned. She believed that Antonio would have to return home no matter how long he stayed outside.

Meanwhile, Antonio was already on his way to his friends, Barry and Kennedy. They awaited his arrival so that they could go to a private party. Antonio always hung out with the boys every weekend to do the craziest stuff barely anyone would hear about except the ones that were there with them.

“If it isn't the man of the moment,”  Barry said as Antonio parked his Rolls Royce Dawn in front of their compound. Barry and Kennedy were brothers and also rich kids, but they were not as loaded as Antonio.

“The god of fertility and sex himself,” Kennedy added.

“My brothers!”  Antonio said with a huge smile on his face as he got down from his car. He had a huge ego, and his friends knew how to massage it. The man was indeed the god of sex as far as the three of them were concerned. He had an all-time high libido. He was seemingly never tired; the term “god of sex” was coined by Kennedy after watching Antonio have sex with three women in one night. He had no help from drugs or anything else. He just went the entire mile. The man was a beast, and that was the day he proved himself to them. That day, Antonio's ego made sense to them, and they called him the “god of sex” ever since.

“Dionysus,” Barry said.

“That’s a pretty heavy name for a mortal, Barry,” Antonio responded.

“Who says you're mortal” Kennedy cut in as they all giggled.

The three boys all hugged each other as they went inside Barry and Kennedy’s apartment. Antonio wasted no time. He quickly headed to the bar and poured himself a bottle of cognac.

“Wait, a bottle of cognac?” Barry asked.

“Yes, a bottle of cognac,” Antonio responded.

“Damn it, Antonio, you're a freaking beast.”

“What the heck? What does drinking a cognac have to do with bestiality?” Antonio spread his arms in awe.

“Everyone knows that you only drink cognac after a night of intense action; that explains why you're late,” Kennedy responded as all three of them laughed.

“You guys know me too much, to be honest,”  Antonio said as he dropped the bottle of cognac back on the shelf.

“I have to change friends,” Antonio added as he pulled his hair back.

“Too late, bruh, you’re stuck with us,” Kennedy quipped.

“Are you ready for the party? Will you be able to keep up with the craziness?” Barry asked.

“Do you dare the god of the bedroom?”  Kennedy responded in a comically deep voice.

“Come off it, guys, let's get going,” Antonio said as he got up to leave. Although they were in Barry and Kennedy's apartment, it felt like Antonio owned the place. The young man's aura, poise, and carriage made him seem that way.

“Guess who I was with last night?”  Antonio asked as he got on the passenger's seat of his RR. Barry always drove whenever the three boys went out together. He drove faster and always knew the shortest routes to wherever they were headed.

“Who?” Kennedy asked excitedly. Kennedy was a different kind of freak. He always enjoyed hearing stories about other people's sexual encounters. According to him, he listened to them for research purposes. None of his friends knew what he meant by that, and they never cared to ask because he was a strange dude.

“Foxy…” Antonio got interrupted by Barry, who cut in excitedly.

“Foxy Daniels!”

“Yes her!”

“Oh Antonio, you lucky bastard, Foxy is a senior student. How the fuck do you get so lucky?” Barry asked excitedly. Foxy was in high demand; every guy in their department wanted her, and Antonio had just gotten her on a platter.

“I don't know how I do it, bro…I'm just a pussy magnet,” Antonio said with half a smile.

“So, how did it go?” Kennedy asked.

“Yes, bro, leave no detail out,”  Barry added.

“Damn, you’re both sick… anyways, she was so freaking soft all over. Her boobs look better without clothes, and don't get me started on her soft and wet pussy, bruh!”

“Bruh!” Barry and Kennedy screamed in unison as the three of them giggled.

“Her lips were soft and tasted like strawberry… damn bruh!”

“Bruh!” All three of them said again. They always did that when they spoke about stuff like that. They were pretty close and very naughty.

“We started out on the couch, kissing, smooching… oh, I made her want it so bad she had to beg me,” Antonio said.

“I don’t know how you always do that bro, it should be freaking studied because I can't wait that long when there’s a naked woman in front of me,” Barry said as the car pulled over at their destination.

“This it?” Antonio asked to confirm if they were at the location of the party. Every week, each of the boys took turns to choose where they would spend their weekend, and this time it was Barry's turn.

“Yes, bro… welcome to the rave! The location for the best of the best of the best of the freaking best. And when I mean the best, I mean it's freaking expensive to get in… I already paid all three of us; that was the only way we could get a spot. So Y'all owe me five hundred dollars each.” Barry said.

“What? That's crazy money. Does it come with drinks?”  Antonio asked.

“Nope, you gotta pay for that separately,” Barry responded with his hand still stretched for the money.

“Damn bro, you're ripping me off.” Antonio handed five hundred dollar bills to his friend.

“Sorry bruv, anything for the party, right?” Kennedy said as he got down from the car.

Some people were gathered at the entrance of the private club; they were clamoring to get in. The location was quite exquisite and strange as they started activities when the sun was still out. Some of the people at the club's entrance noticed Barry and Kennedy and knew that Antonio was not far behind. Everyone always looked forward to seeing Antonio, especially the ladies. Apart from his good looks, Antonio had a breathtaking sense of style. He always made an impression wherever he went.

“Here he comes,”  Barry muttered as his friend stepped out of the car. His barely buttoned Louis Vuitton shirt exposed his chest hair. His Fendi shorts exposed his firm legs and thighs. The Versace sandals showed off his beautifully done nails. Antonio was perceived as a pretty boy. So he ensured to maintain that moniker.

“That’s him…it's Antonio.” A brunette whispered to her friends as Antonio walked up to the entrance with his friends. The girls were freshmen and had only heard stories about NYU's resident pretty boy.

“Damn, he's hotter in person.”  One of the girls muttered.

“You don't see that every day.”  Another girl responded.

The three boys walked through the front door almost seamlessly; the bouncer at the entrance just glanced at their faces instead of looking at his list if they had paid. Certainly, Antonio and his goons were able to afford an exclusive joint like that.

“Barry! You have outdone yourself! I love you, man!”  Antonio screamed when he saw naked women all over the place. He couldn't believe it, it was like a scene from Xerxes' palace I'm the movie 300.

“What!?”  Antonio screamed again. He was both confused and excited; he couldn't believe what he saw. Women were all over the place, in different shapes and sizes.

“What is this place?” Antonio asked Barry as he grabbed his hand. Kennedy, on the other hand, was dumbfounded; he had no words. His dick was already crazy hard, and he was ready to get down.

“Welcome to the rave.” A nude redhead responded to Antonio slowly as she grabbed his crotch.

“the rave…” Antonio responded softly as he shuddered from the touch.

“My name is Calypso…come with me….” The redhead said as she led Antonio to what seemed to be an inner chamber.

“You heard the lady, go with her….” Barry said as he snickered.

Antonio smiled and went with Calypso; he had no need to hesitate. That was the fun he signed up for, and it looked like Calypso was going to give it to him to the fullest.

“A thousand bucks for the inner chamber.” A burly man said to Antonio as he was about to go into the inner chamber with Calypso.

“There, that should be enough.”  Antonio handed a chunk of cash to the man. Unlike when he had to give Barry five hundred dollars, Antonio didn't seem to have any problem giving the man a thousand dollars.

“Amazing… “ Antonio exclaimed as he walked into the room. It had a red-blue light that made it look like it was dark already. The décor was classic and expensive; Antonio loved it.

“You think this room is amazing? Wait until you see what I will do to you.” Calypso said as she placed one finger on Antonio's chest. She pushed him gingerly over to a couch in the room. Antonio was like a little boy; he had no intention to fight. He usually liked to be in control whenever he was with a woman. Still, he actually wanted to see what Calypso would do to him.

“Have a seat, Papi… “ Calypso said as she let out a kinky growl.

“Yes Calypso…” Antonio said with a smile on his face. He was ready to have mad fun.

Calypso seductively moved close to Antonio’s face and teased him with a kiss but pulled away just when Antonio was about to hold her face and take charge of the make-out session.

“No touching bad boy….” Calypso said as she walked away to grab a pair of handcuffs. Again, Antonio wanted to take charge, but his curiosity kept him seated.

Calypso cuffed his hands to a pillar behind the couch; the cuffs caused Antonio's hands to be positioned above his head. Calypso played some music in the room and moved seductively; she slowly went on her knees and undid Antonio’s pant zipper.

“Oooh, Papi… I can see you're very ready.” Calypso said as she saw Antonio’s hard cock protruding through his underpants.

“Take charge, Calypso… do with me whatever you want.” Antonio submitted. Very few women have made Antonio feel sexually submissive, and Calypso was one of them. She made him feel pretty adventurous, and he wanted to see what she was up to.

Calypso fondled Antonio's cock while it was still under his underpants, it jerked from her touch, and she loved it. Finally, Calypso reached for the band of the underpants and pulled it down with her teeth revealing his cock.


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