ROMANTIC STORY: Antonio's Match: Season 1

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Part One: A Wonderful Time

"Go easy, foxy," Antonio said gingerly as Foxy Daniels pushed the twenty-three-year-old through the door of his apartment.

"Oh, sorry, honey, I've waited for this for a really long time. I can't wait." Foxy responded as she unbuttoned Antonio's shirt. Her actions were motivated by her sexual desire for Antonio. Antonio was s second-year civil engineering student at the New York University, while Foxy was in her fourth year. Regardless of the age and class difference, Foxy didn't care; all she had always wanted was Antonio's dick in her pussy.

"Alrighty then," Antonio said as he scooped her up with a smile. His burly arms wrapped around her curvy body. The already turned on Antonio felt more turned on when he saw how much Foxy wanted him.

Antonio was a pretty adventurous young man, so he opted for the living room before the bedroom. He dropped Foxy gingerly on the bed and stood over her.

"Argh, so freaking hot," Foxy said as she admired Antonio; his washboard abs looked like they were sculpted by Zeus from Mount Olympus.

"Hmm." Antonio moaned softly as Foxy pulled him closer for a passionate kiss. Antonio never saw the move coming, but he loved it silly. He leaned closer to her against his will. Her hands were wrapped around his shoulders, so he had no choice.

Antonio placed one knee on the couch slowly. Then, as the kissing between the two intensified, he reached for her left breast with his left hand. When he discovered that it was still covered by her bra, he navigated good hands to Foxy's back and undid her bra in one motion.

"Yes!" Foxy screamed when her bra came off. She enjoyed the fact that Antonio knew his way around a woman's anatomy. Foxy didn't care if Antonio had to spend a lot of time around women to know so much about them. She was just satisfied with the fact that the man understood her body like he created it.

"You like that?" Antonio asked with a naughty smile on his face. His voice was husky, and his blue eyes sent shock waves to Foxy's already wet pussy each time she looked at them.

"I fucking love it," Foxy responded as she removed Antonio's belt without taking her gaze off Antonio.

"oh fuck yeah," Foxy screamed in excitement. Antonio's dick didn't disappoint. The young man had a visually appealing appearance, and it was only fair that his dick matched his appearance.

"Haha!" Antonio cackled as he pulled Foxy up from the couch. However, Antonio's muscles were not for show; he displayed his strength by carrying Foxy and placing her on him. At the same time, he sat down on the couch.

It was time to get down, and they were both ready; their bodies were ravaged with goosebumps from their thirst for each other. Foxy's pussy dripped with desire and anticipation, Antonio's dick was as hard as an African spear, and it was ready to strike.

Antonio positioned Foxy on his laps, but he kept their genitals slightly away from each other. He placed his left hand on her right breast with his right hand on her neck. The two stared at each other momentarily as though they wanted to see who would make the first move. Antonio always enjoyed it when the women made the first move. It stroked his ego and reminded him of what he already thought he was "God’s gift to the women of New York University.”

“Wait,” Antonio said to Foxy as she tried to lean closer for a kiss. Instead, his left hand fondled her breast while he told her to wait. Foxy was both expectant and confused. She had no idea why Antonio stopped her. Nevertheless, Foxy didn't want the moment to end.

“Slowly this time.” Antonio moved his left hand from Foxy’s breast and moved down to her pussy. He placed two fingers inside and thrust it slowly.

“Argh.”  Foxy moaned softly as she tilted her head backward. The curvy blonde was in cloud nine while Antonio's fingers were inside her. Her pussy muscles grabbed his fingers as she thirsted for more.

“Hmm.” Foxy moaned under her breath as Antonio kissed her while he continued fingering her.

“Urgh.”  Foxy suddenly grabbed Antonio's hard cock as the kissing continued. The blonde was restless, the dick was yet to meet with her pussy, but her body responded like she was on top of the world. The feeling Foxy had emanated from the pent-up desires she had always had for Antonio, and a part of her couldn't believe that she was actually with him.

“Damn it girl,” Antonio said as he acknowledged Foxy’s impressive hand game. She grabbed his cock tightly enough to get him excited but loosely enough not to hurt him.

“Come on.”  Antonio heaved and pulled Foxy closer to him. They were close enough for their privates to touch each other but not close enough to have sex, and Antonio made it so intentionally. Although her hand job made him want to have her immediately, he was still patient. He wanted to tease her until she begged for his dick. That was his M.O, and he had no intention of stopping it.

“Oooh, baby.” Foxy moaned softly as her eyes glazed over from pleasure. Antonio grazed her pussy with his dick. It drove her nuts. She shuffled to get close enough to get the entire thing inside, but Antonio wouldn't let her. His grip on her waist was tender but firm enough to keep her away.

Antonio smiled when he looked at Foxy’s face. She was red from the intensity of his teasing. He placed his hand and her back and pulled her breast close to his mouth while he still grazed her pussy with his dick.

“Oh, good heavens Antonio.” Foxy moaned as Antonio sucked her breast. She curled her toes and winced her body in excitement and pleasure. Antonio had shown her the promised land without taking her there, and it drove her nuts.

“Please Antonio…” Foxy cried out in frustration. Antonio had teased her too much, and she couldn't take it anymore.

“Please what?”  Antonio asked with a naughty smile on his face because he had heard the magic words.

“Fuck me Antonio….” Foxy pleaded. She was at his mercy.

“Say fuck me, please,”  Antonio instructed.

“Fuck me, Antonio, fuck me please….” Foxy responded swiftly.

“I can't hear you,” Antonio whispered as he held on a little bit longer. He wanted it as much as she did, but he had to be in control. He had to make it look like she wanted it more.

“Fuck me Antonio! Take my pussy, own it. Do what you want with it Antonio…” Foxy said as she got interrupted by Antonio's sudden thrust into her pussy. Her entire body quaked from how perfect Antonio's aim was.

“Argh!”  Foxy screamed as she grabbed his back. She placed her head on his shoulders and let his dick go all the way in.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Foxy screamed as Antonio pulled and pushed her on his dick. His pace was methodical, but each thrust was deep, so it was impactful.

“Oh my goodness.” Foxy moaned and cried a little bit. The moment was too beautiful. She opened her eyes monetarily to check if Antonio was really there. The hottest boy in her department was drilling a hole in her pussy, and it felt surreal.

“You like that?”  Antonio asked.

“Oh fuck yeah, baby. I fucking love it.” Foxy said as she grabbed Antonio tighter. She moved her waist and matched his rhythm. Their privates met and applauded their motions.


“Yeah,” Antonio said as he stopped banging for a bit. Then, he pulled Foxy away from him. She understood that he wanted to change positions, so she moved accordingly.

Antonio stood up and bent Foxy over. Then, he made her place her hands on the back of the couch, putting her in the doggy-style position.

“Your booty has the shape of love,” Antonio said when Foxy bent over. Indeed her ass made the shape of love when she bent over. Antonio looked down and admired Foxy's beautiful pink pussy. His dick jerked momentarily as he stared at it.

“it's a visual representation of what my heart feels,” Foxy responded with a smile. She was about to turn around to look Antonio in the eyes when she had a familiar experience. Antonio had suddenly thrust her again. Just like the first time, it was sharp but not painful.

“Oh fuck! Baby!”  Foxy moaned. Antonio made two slow thrusts that were followed by fast ones.

“Yes, Antonio, yes…fuck me! Fuck this pussy. It's yours Antonio. It's all yours!” Foxy screamed as she lowered her head. She raised one of her legs as the speed and pleasure continued.

“Who’s your daddy!?” Antonio asked as he tapped her ass.



“Antonio!” Foxy responded with one of her legs still raised. The pleasure was insane. She had never felt anything like it. Before the sexual encounter with Antonio, Foxy expected it to be good but not as good as it turned out to be.

“Argh,” Antonio grunted as he reached for Foxy’s pussy and fondled the outer layer. At the same time, he continued banging her like an African warrior hitting the drums of war. He was in a contorted position, but he was not bothered about that. The pleasure of his sexual activity was worth it.

“Fucking kill me!” Foxy screamed as she placed her leg on the couch.

“Antonio…” Foxy called as she looked turned around to look at him.


“I fucking love you,” Foxy said.

Antonio removed his dick from her pussy, turned her around, and kissed her while they were both standing. The young man had no intention of responding to what she said, so he wanted to distract her. He pulled his long black hair back and carried her over to his dining table.

“Oooh,” Foxy uttered when Antonio placed her on the table. She was pretty impressed that Antonio was yet to cum despite how long they had been having sex.

“I said…” Foxy tried to speak but was interrupted by a kiss from Antonio.

“Hmm.” Foxy moaned as Antonio penetrated her again. He was slower this time, Antonio made sure Foxy felt every part of his dick inside her.

“Faster baby, faster.” Foxy requested.

Antonio obliged. He moved with speed and precision. He hit the spot each time, and it drove Foxy nuts. Finally, she raised both her legs up in her seated position and closed her eyes. Antonio was about to cum, so his speed became insane.

“Argh!” Foxy screamed as she was also about to cum.

The screaming started happening in unison. They screamed in ecstasy as they were both about to cum. Foxy grabbed the edge of the table as she lost control of her body. Suddenly her body shivered as she squirted. Antonio ejaculated too.

Foxy grabbed Antonio after squirting, and he held her back. After he regained himself slightly, Antonio carried Foxy to his bedroom. He placed her on the bed and laid down beside her. They were both too tired to do anything. Antonio and Foxy laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling until they both slept off.

Antonio lived in a duplex in school. His father was the billionaire owner of Gonzales industries and ensured his heir apparent lacked nothing. Moreover, the twenty-year-old Latin American's good looks and his father's wealth added to his overall sexual appeal. Every girl in school wanted him, and Foxy was one of those.

“Hmmm, good morning King of the rain forest,” Foxy said when she woke up. However, she turned around to find the bed empty. She was alone.

“Aww, you must be showering baby. I'm coming over to join you.” Foxy got up from the bed and walked up to the bathroom.

“Wow, this is fantastic.” She muttered under her breath as she admired the décor of the room; her mind was too occupied last night to notice it.

When Foxy got to the bathroom, she found no one there, she turned around and found a note by the night lamp, and it read thus; “I went out with the boys, won’t be coming anytime soon. You can let yourself out when you’re ready to leave; I had a wonderful time.”  







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