NIGERIA: ‘Our problem is a spiritual one’ — Kalu Ikeagwu


Popular top-notch Nollywood actor, Kalu Ikeagwu has labelled the prevailing situation in the country occasioned by insecurity and agitations for secession as a spiritual problem. The actor spoke with Potpourri at a movie premiere in Lagos last Sunday.

“Our problem is a spiritual one. It is very deep. The change has to start from inside. When I say spiritual, I mean the way we have misplaced our values. All this rot came with prosperity gospel, jettisoning the real thing about following God. We are no longer our brother’s keepers. The African communal love and values have been lost.

We have abandoned God and gone back to worshiping deities who encourage human sacrifices. How do you expect this country to grow when we are enmeshed in blood sacrifices.

That is why I said our problem is spiritual. If you are morally bankrupt where you don’t care about your neighbour your society is going to crumble. Everything that is happening here comes from the invisible. That’s why I said it is spiritual. This is not about prayer but serious awakening.

On calls for secession by various groups and tribes, Kalu opines, “I don’t think secession is the way to solve the problem of this country. If we secede now, who’s going to rule? The infighting will just start again and where is it going to stop? What has to be addressed is human nature. I will only advise we go back to the regional system where every region controls its resources and contributes to the centre.

This will engender competition and in no time there will be national prosperity. I will also suggest State police where each region is responsible for its own security.”

The lanky actor however distances himself from ever joining politics. Almost with a note of disdain he emphatically stated he would never join politics.

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