Bobrisky has a personality that's toxic to my mental health - James Brown blasts his senior colleague on NaijaTalk Podcast

Popular Nigerian drag queen, James Brown, found fame after he was paraded as one of the 57 suspected homosexuals arrested at a birthday party in 2018, and ever since then, he's been one of the hottest social media sensations around. 


In this interesting episode of LITV show, NaijaTalk Podcast with Dami Dawson, James Brown spoke about becoming a drag queen, his time in prison, his riff with his senior colleague Bobrisky and many more. 


The drag queen explained that he has always wanted to put on women's clothes and make-up since he was young.


On his time in prison, where he spent three weeks, James described those times as "hell," saying that he was beaten, molested, and was made to pack feces alongside other prisoners.

After his release from prison, James Brown said he through series of therapy because of the traumatic experience in prison. He also disclosed that he tried to sue the Nigerian police after the case was dismissed, but later decided not to go ahead with the move after those who were arrested with him lost interest. 


While discussing his riff with Bobrisky, he said the senior crossdresser didn't influence his decision to go into cross-dressing and went on to credits his success to Denrele and Charly Boy.


When asked why he didn't mention Bobrisky, James Brown said he doesn't want to get involved with him, because he "has a personality that's toxic to my mental health"


He later admitted that before he became a drag queen, he got some ''courage and idea'' from Bobrisky on how to take risk

Sharing more details into what led to his fight with Bobrisky, he said there was one time, his senior colleague called him to threaten him in a very strong manner and that was the end of the road for them.


To get back at him, James called Bobrisky a 'snitch' and threaten to expose some secrets about him in the nearest future. 

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