What Happens After Marriage: How Would You Advise The Unmarried?

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While courting, you were better halves. What happens after marriage?

What happens after a week living together? and months, years? What happens to forever?

Does the love remain the same? Does it fade by itself? Are both parties always striving to resurrect it?

Of course, I understand it is not advisable to plunge into marriage!

What is life like in marriage?

What happens during a quarrel?

Does a partner always prove they are right?

Are there complaints? Complaints like one person washing the plates, and the other making it more tedious? Are there arguments about how the WC is to be used?

How and when are responsibilities shared?

What about insecurity?
Does it come on its own? Are there hidden thoughts one's partner may be cheating always?

What are the main responsibilities to keep a woman/man forever young in their hearts? What are the major needs?

What can make a woman still look very good even after childbirth?

Should the husband also do minor chores?

What happens when she becomes pregnant?

What is the major emotional need?

How is trust built?

To wives and husbands, what do you call satisfaction in a husband/wife? What needs does he/she fulfills make you feel satisfied?

What would you ever wish for?

Does the care and love remain the same?

I need experienced persons (married couples probably) to clarify me.

I've been thinking about these questions of late.

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