'My Experience As A Pastor'

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God bless you all niaraland members.

For a little now I have been privileged to serve God as a pastor in a newly planted church, to the Glory of God. There is no great building yet, just a temporary structure made with wood. I am not bothered about that, because humans are the church and not the building.

Now my experience is this, I have come to realize that many of us are going through economical problem, rather than spiritual problem. Anyday I am sitting in church for counseling purpose, majority of people that comes for counseling are those looking for what to eat, you will hear things pls pastor whatever you have give me to eat.

One day I shed tears, because I could not have anything to help some persons. My conclusion is this, churches should help each other. I am setting up a day for compassion purpose, even though we are not much in number yet, members we be encouraged to bring what they have to help others.

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