How To Be A Nurse In UAE

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 After opening my last thread on how Nigerians are getting teaching jobs in UAE. I got several requests from intending nurses and practicing nurses in Nigeria about how to get a nursing job in UAE. 

Why not? I embarked on research and conversed with several Nigerian nurses in Dubai after which I made a video about how you can easily be a nurse in Nigeria. 

We all know nursing overseas has always been a lucrative job but the pandemic even made nurses more popular and demanded all over the world..and UAE is not an exception. So how do you become a nurse in UAE? Let's get to it. 

1) Know the four bodies that handle nursing recruitments in UAE. They include DHA, DHCC, MOH and HAAD. 

2) You need to posses a Bsc. Note a diploma can not get you a nursing job in UAE, maybe assistant nurse though I'll update you on that soon, even if you are not into health care field, you can become Assistant Nurse.. You also need an experience certificate (at least 2 years of experience) and practicing license from council governing nursing in Nigeria( NMCN) or any country you are based in. 

3) You can apply for/get jobs through 3 months Visa process, agency or directly from hospital. Since the first option is the most popular. Lemme talk about it. 

It's better to start the process in Nigeria so you don't waste time doing that when you get to Dubai. 

Firstly scan your certificate. One by one. Convert them to PDF files, your passport photo and international passport too. 

Go to DHA website (remember there are 4 nurse governing councils in Dubai; I prefer to use DHA)
Create a profile.
You will have to pay the sum of 210 dirhams to open application.
After submitting, in a couple of days you will receive a confirmation mail from DHa acknowledging the receipt of your documents

Next stage - verification
This is the stage where DHA will verify your documents. You will pay the sum of 925 dirhams to start this process. 

After they verified your documents, they will contact your refereee

Verification takes 4-6 weeks. After a successful verification, you will be asked to come and sit for the nursing exam. Like we have it in Nigeria. This is stage where you apply for 3 months visa. The examination comes with a fee of $170. Don't fret, the exam is not difficult and it's only 70 questions.

To pass, you need 60%. At least get 42 questions right. If you can do NMCN exam well, this should come easy too. 

You will receive the result of the exam in 72 hours or 3-5 working days. If you pass, you will receive a congratulatory mail and an eligibility letter valid for 1 year.

What do you do next? Start applying for all the UAE nursing jobs you see (trust me, they are much!) without hassle. 

When you receive your first salary, you will know the process is more than worth it. Please check the source for more information and UAE sites for Dubai jobs. 

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