Did She Bring Him Luck Or Just Coincidence?

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Sometime last year, I met a lady. At the time I met her things were not working for me the way I had expected. In fact, my career had somehow stagnated even though I was in a new job then.

Prior to meeting her, I was seeing someone who I once overheard complaining to a friemd of having sex with someone in her dreams and in that dream, she already has a family with this strange person in that dream. This coupled with other negative feelings i had made me leave the relationship.

Now comes this new girl. Within 2 months of meeting her (5months into the job), my employment was confirmed with a promotion to booth. I must say that this confirmation typically takes 1yr to 18months. 4 months later (totalling 9months on the job), I was promoted again to a mid level managerial position. Again, this typically takes around 3yrs for others. My company cited "exceptional service delivery", but deep down I know it's not just that, I'm that instinctive. Now, I'm not the type of person to easily find favor in people's eyes or the type people just wants to stick out for. But since I met her, even at my workplace, my superiors have taken special interest in me, I just can't do any wrong.

Now, deep down, I know some things have changed. Even mentally, i have become more purposeful as she is a very driven person. I've never mentioned to her about these changes I've noticed in my life.
The thing is that when we talk, albeit jokingly she always say that she came into my life and everything changed, that the day I will try nonsense with her (cheat or breakup), my life will just scatter. Even today she said it that the "spirit" (context is important here) working for her had to smoothen my life when she came into it, lest I infect her with my troubles, I jokingly replied that my mother's prayers are working wonders in my lofe, and she said that I should be happy she is in my life. A lot of the time, she has made such comments. There was a day she said that if I keep her happy, that I will keep enjoying. She says God answers her prayers and honestly, her life is good. It just feels like she has everything all figured out.

Honestly, everything feels better around me since I met her and i also believe in the notion that some people can pull good fortune to you, but I'm also apprehensive. What if i cheat on her, what if i break up with her?

Has anyone had this type.of encounter? Please, she is not a bad person. I'm just wondering if there are truly people like this.

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