Tinubu: A Failure That Should Never Become Nigeria’s President By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

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Nemesis does not only befall those who deliberately impoverish their people, it consumes their children too. The socio-political space in Nigeria has been polluted with criminality.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a sociopath and betrayer of trust against MKO Abiola during NADECO era, is a desperate politician who is unmoved by the current crisis rocking the nation. The country can burn if it so desire, provided that his ambition to clinch power in 2023 is intact.

Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who claims to be a more profound nationalist than Chief Obafemi Awolowo, has not even achieved an atom of Awolowo’s achievement. His colloquium has been a jamboree that hasn’t achieved any result, however infinitesimal. Neither did he continue from what Awolowo left behind.

It’s the empty vessel that’s usually noisy, the one containing water isn’t. The legacy Chief Obafemi Awolowo left behind, such as the democratisation of education and several others, remain relevant several years later. The ideology of Tinubu is not only to ruin any organisation but also to hijack it as his own private entity – Lagos and Osun states are examples of why Tinubu must be avoided by all means – like a plague.

Awolowo was a known freedom fighter, who fought for justice and equal rights throughout his lifetime. He contributed in the fight for independence, liberated his own people and gave them western education.

On the contrary, Tinubu has not only impoverished Lagosians, he made sure thousands of them are out of school so he can use them as hoodlums during elections. For instance, how many “agberos” has he given free education or scholarship? Instead, he arms them with tools to mob opposition members, his critics and then imposes himself over the will of the people.

Awolowo was a promoter of peace and unity, his immense contributions towards the development of Nigeria was as a result of free education and free healthcare system for the children in the Western Region, as it was then known.

Tinubu was an opportunist who rode on Awolowo’s establishment in the South-West, the aforementioned achievements of Chief Obafemi Awolowo can never be compared to a treacherous eight-year rule of Tinubu as a Governor of Lagos State. These eight years were wasted years that amounted to a fruitless journey that bore no good seed.

Tinubu deceptively claimed that Major-General Muhammadu Buhari would make heaven as a second home in Nigeria, but Buhari brought hell instead. Indeed, someone whose character is questionable in the US should never be trusted with a sensitive position in Nigeria, let alone becoming President! May it never happen!

His motives and ways of manipulating people against each other is another matter entirely. He previously said: “I don’t believe in one Nigeria.” Such a man should not be considered a true democrat.

Those who don’t believe in one Nigeria like Tinubu will do all sort of things to cause chaos in the country just to gain access to power. They will mobilise thugs to deal with people who kick against their political ambition. Tinubu is well-known as the grand patron of thugs in the entire South-West.

He was indicted by the United States Government for drug and fraud related offences in 1993, to the extent that he forfeited 460,000 US Dollars to the United States government. So, apparently, the National Leader of APC, as they call him, has some  unanswered questions to answer over drug crimes and criminal activities he reportedly committed in the United states.

Lagos State under his watch as governor was bastardised and ruined to the most miserable state. He acquired lands and properties, converted them with the state treasuries as his personal businesses.

Remember when he justified the killing of Pa Fasoranti’s daughter who was killed by Fulani herdsmen? It is also obvious that Tinubu has no sympathy or respect for humanity. None at all!

Tinubu who used semen as soap in the United states, urine as a water in Nigeria, can never in anyway stand to become Nigeria’s president. Nigerians should never again support a mediocre, anti-democratic forces who pose as democrat in agbada, people with shady records or criminals who cannot be trusted with basic things!

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