The 10 Times God Did The Impossible In The Bible

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The miracles of God is no longer new to mankind as we have been hearing about it over and over again. This article is just a reminder of what he did in the Bible, which mankind can not still understand today. Below are 10 times God did the impossible in the Bible;

#1. Division Of The Red Sea:

During the massive moment of the Isrealites in the book of Exodus 14, they were pursued by the Egyptians who never wanted them out of their land, and the got to a point they could no longer move forward or backward, because they Red Sea was before them. The needed a boat, ship or anything that could possibly take them over but none was available and the only thing they had was Moses, who struck his staff In the Red Sea and the water was divided. All was as a result of God's power.

#2. The Tale Of Three Men Who Were Not Burnt By Fire:

In the account of Daniel, there is this story about three Hebrew men(Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego), who refused to bow to a foreign god, according to the King's decree and they were sent into a burning furnace and the never got burnt. This was another insane and impossible miracle done by God.

#3. Jonah And The Fish:

After his refusal to carry out God's assignment, he wanted to escape through a ship but he was caught by God through a storm and the only thing that could save others from the storm was to cast him into the sea. They did and immediately he was swallowed by a gaint fish lasting three days in the belly of a fish until he was taken to his destination. A medium of travel used by God which is another impossible miracle by him.

#4. Sarah Giving Birth To A Child At 90:

At 90 it is never possible for a woman to conceive and to give birth to a child. But it was done in the case of Sarah, Abraham's wife, who gave birth to Isaac at 90.

5. Elijah's Fire Challenge:

Another outstanding and impossible miracle ever recorded which was done by God is the one of Elijah vs the prophets of Baal. In the case of Elijah he applied 12 drums of water to his wood and his wood still had to catch fire despite the water.

6. David Vs Goliath Battle:

One of the biggest upset recorded in the Bible is the David vs Goliath battle. A teenage boy, single handedly brought down a full grown man, with an added advantage of tallness. He was still able to do this, though the odds were against him another impossibility changed to reality by God.

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