Six Important Things You Should Put In Mind Before Raising A Christian Family

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If you intend to marry and have a Christain family.

Here are six things you should have in mind for Christ to be the head of your family

1) You must be a believer of Christ , Surrender your life to Christ for him to take charge of your life.

2) Flee from Pre-marital Sex , Fornications, Abortions etc for the sake of your future home.

3) Flee from worldly/Social attachments and focus more on God.

4) Fail not to teach your children the word of God, bible teachings right from their tender ages.

5) Donot fail to teach your children moral values and good behaviours in the society, eg obedience to the rules of the society , respect for elders etc.

6) Hate and flee from evil, embrace godliness and the true deeds of Christ for the sake of your future home.

from Nairaland

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