Is This Why Many Decent People Are Single Nowadays?
So I have this conversation with some group of like minds and these are what I could get from our discussion:
On the negative side;
1.Abuse and manipulation
2.Disrespect and devaluation
3.Constant complaints and criticism
4.Feelings of perpetual inadequacy and failure to meet unrealistic expectations (I deal with that enough at work; I don’t want it at home)
5.Being ignored
6.Being cheated on
7.Being lied to about her level of sexual involvement with others (not in the sense of cheating, but potential exposure to STDs)
8.Being unloved, uncared about, and taken for granted
9.Not being allowed to make mistakes
10.Not being allowed to have my hobbies
11. Being treated like a piece of meat
12. Being expected to put up with his/her endless bullshit (which is usually deal-breaker stuff) while simultaneously not being allowed to be human myself
13. Being subjected to skewed perceptions of reality and overreacting to stupid shit
14.constantly wondering when he/she’s going to dump me for reasons that are unknown to me
15. Trying to change or “fix” me
On the positive side:
1.Career- To achieve stability most people opt for an academic path with lasts till the mid-20s sometimes even till the late 20s. Post that, once they get that lucrative job/onsite opportunity they aspired for, they delay marriage. Marriage is considered a potential hindrance to professional success by many people.
2.Space- Everyone seeks independence, especially millennials. Long term relationship requires sharing of this space which people don't like
People are warier and warier of :

3.Compromises- Marriage, by definition, is living with another person. This is bound to require adjustment which isn't easy

4.Commitment - This freaks youngsters today. When you're dating in college, commitment comes easy. But marriage brings along a different set of responsibilities which need a commitment of the highest order

5.The process of arranged marriage- This is a makes to the list purely because it shrouds the sanctity of marriage. Girls seeking millionaires and guys seeking miss universes just disturbs the definition and sanctity of the institution

6.With the advent of feminism, women are more self-reliant than they have ever been. Therefore they too don't seek a partner for financial independence and postpone relationships.

Mine: Career and schooling. My girl still has her masters to deal with.
So ladies and gentlemen, why you are single?
How can we close the circle?

from Nairaland

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