Is The Syinix 55 Inch TVs Worth It?

In this Syinix 55 Inch TVs comparison video. I cover 2 of their newest TVs in line. The 55F1S and the 55A1S. .They are both 4K "HDR" TVs. Both come with support for Dolby ATMOS, they have Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube pre-installed. In this video. I’ll be doing an overview, sharing my experience, the pros and cons starting with the higher end 55F1S and the 55A1S series which is a more affordable option. They are both similar in picture quality, while not being the sharpest or most colour-accurate TVs out there, they do offer some value for the price. They are also similar in software quality, Android 9, but not in build quality and some other ways which I cover in this video.

Screen size: 55 Inch IPS LCD 60 Hertz Display
OS: Android 9 for TV
Frameless Design
RAM (Both): 1.5 GB / Storage: 8GB
PORTS (Both):
- 3 HDMI Ports
- 2 USB 2.0 Ports
- LAN Port
- AV IN Ports
- Digital Audio Port
*Comes with Dolby Audio

* The F20 series TV is way louder than the A20 version.

55A1S (A20 Series) - ₦220,999 / $477
55F1S (F20 Series) - ₦343,999 / $746

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