#EndSARS: Protests, Demonstrations And Civil Disobedience In The Light Of Islam (Pix)
After reading this thread, you should be able to understand protest and Muslim attitudes to protest.

What is protest?

Protest is an action to show disagreement with something, for example, government policy.

Why people protest?
A protest is any action an individual or group may take to draw attention to an issue or cause in which they believe. Protests usually arise when people feel an injustice has occurred.

People protest against injustice in many different ways. This ranges from writing letters, boycotting products and joining protest groups to even breaking the law and going to prison. People may decide on some kind of public protest because they feel they have no other way to make their voices heard. It is a way to attract media attention and make other people aware of the issue. Protestors may think that it is right to stand up for what they believe. Sometimes people may believe that it is the only way to bring about change or correct something that is wrong.

Non-violent protests involve methods of protesting that do not cause harm to others or damage to property. These can be simple actions such as signing a petition, writing to an MP or opting not to buy goods and services from a particular company or country. Other forms of non-violent protests may involve more direct action: street marches, sit-ins (occupying a building or space), refusing to work such as strike action or causing disruption such as blocking roads. These actions can be frustrating for individuals and companies who are affected by protests, but no direct physical harm to people is caused.

Some protestors feel that non-violent actions such as these are not enough. They believe that they the only way their concerns will be heard is if they use more extreme forms of protest. This can include methods that are intended to intimidate others and force change. They believe direct violence against others and property will change public opinion. However, this change may only be achieved due to fear of violence, not because the people necessarily agree.

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