Don't Settle For Less; Don't Live A Life Of Mediocrity
The Will of God for you is that you should have and maintain an intimate and eternal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, which then get you empowered to have dominion over everything He created.

It is an aberration to be under the yoke of anything negative. You are meant to be a king and a priest to God, and should rule your world. God is Benevolent, and is ready to release unto you all that is needed to live a life of true royalty.

Don't settle for less, don't embrace a life of mediocrity. Don't allow the devil rule you. Don't allow your flesh and desires rule you. You are meant to have dominion over money, and not the other way round. You are meant to be in charge of your health and shouldn't be tortured by sickness. You are meant to command demons and get curses flee in fear, even at the sound of your voice. It is an error to be tormented by negative addictions (be it drug addiction, porn and masturbation addiction, illicit sex, telling lies, etc). You are meant to tame your body and should live above sin and lust.

Don't settle for less, don't embrace a life of mediocrity. Listen, Anything other than God's will for your life is mediocrity. If you choose a man/woman contrary to the Will of God for you, you have simply settled for less (irrespective of how beautiful or handsome the person is)! If you make a decision contrary to God's Will for you, irrespective of how lucrative it might be, you have actually opted for mediocrity.

If you continue in sin and iniquities, you have settled for less, and won't be able to maximize your full potentials on earth. Unfortunately, many people are still in this category, and you reading this might be one of them.

If you are yet to FULLY surrender your life to Jesus Christ, it means where you are in life currently is not God's perfect Will for you. You must then make the decision to embrace Jesus genuinely and start a relationship with Him in spirit and in truth. God wants an intimate relationship with you, and not religion.

Simply call upon the name of Jesus anywhere you are, embrace Him as your LORD and SAVIOR, and ask Him to help you serve Him in spirit and in truth.

from Nairaland

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