Does Nigerian Customs Charge This High For Ordinary Smartphone Sent From US?
So I bought three used smart phones from eBay.
The phones just came this afternoon via EMS post office.

The office called me and said my items have arrived, but I am gonna pay #41,000 as custom duty.This means I am am average of 13,000 per phone.

This is ridiculously high for a country who does not produce a phone.

It's also very surprising that the phones are even old used phones that reigned in 2006.


I just collected them.

1..Hp ipaq glisten,cost is w $48 and the duty I paid is #600.

2...Hp ipaq h6318,cost is $10 and the duty I paid is #300

3...Iphone 10,the cost is $450 and the duty I paid is a whopping #41,000

from Nairaland

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