"5 Things One Should Do Before Death Comes"
Although death is unpleasant, it remains inevitable. As long as this cycle of season remains, everyone will leave the earth someday, one after the other. Hence, rather than shying away from the discourse of death, you can utilize its reality (the fact that you will likely die one day) to become a much better person here on earth, and earn yourself a ticket to an afterlife of bliss.

In this short article, let's explore five important things that should be done before leaving the earth:

1. Live Life

You are not living life if you don't know the purpose of life. Unfortunately, a lot of people are simply living without direction (simply living 'anyhow'). There's a difference between breathing and living. Many people are only wasting their breathe, as they are merely earth wanderers, living for nothing significant. That's why, at the point of death, many realised they didn't really live a significant life, and usually wish they can turn back the hands of time.

Before you die, ensure you live life. You are living life when you are living a life of significance, which is possible when you live a purposeful life. Know your purpose, know why God created you, and occupy yourself with your purpose. That's how to live life indeed, and not just banking on your earthly accomplishments (which will eventually pass away).

2. Enjoy Life

The original intention of God is that humans should enjoy all He created on earth. Since Heaven is a Citadel of bliss and pleasure that knows no suffering, God desire extending this reality to earth. Unfortunately, sin and the devil keeps disrupting this. However, God sent Jesus to make things right again - and we can now know how to live and enjoy life according to His Will.

Unfortunately, many people are still regarding sinful ventures as "enjoyment". Many humans thought they are enjoying life when they indulge in alcoholism, immoral sexual activities, clubbing, and so on. Unfortunately, these things are poisonous, and they cut the life short, preventing you from enjoying life indeed. Listen, any act of pleasure that is contrary to God's Will is not only sinful, but poisonous. There are tons of noble pleasurable activities you can enjoy with yourself, your family, and your loved ones. Enjoy such things before you die.

3. Dominate Life

The Will of God is that you should have dominion over everything He has created. You are meant to be in charge, and not become a slave to anything negative (including sin, satan, poverty, sickness, curse, hell, death, fear, etc). This can only be enabled with an intimate relationship with God, through Jesus Christ the Lord.

4. Impact Life

There was a man called Methuselah who lived for 969 years. Unfortunately, there's nothing significant attributed to him. But Jesus Christ lived on earth in human flesh, for just 33 years, and till forever, He will be celebrated. Before you die, ensure you impact the world positively, irrespective of your field and passion. Contribute to earth's pleasantness. Rise and start doing great things.

5. Be Sure Of Your Afterlife

Perhaps the most important on the list. When we close our eyes and leave this world, there is an afterlife we will find ourselves. While our current world is limited and short, this afterlife is eternal and everlasting. Interestingly, what will determine where and how you will spend the afterlife is how you lived here on earth. In the afterlife, everyone will be judged by God for the things we did on earth. While some will be embraced into Heaven (a place of eternal peace and comfort), some will be banished to hell fire (a place of eternal torment).

Hence, the best thing you can do for yourself is to start preparing for the afterlife before you die. How can you adequately prepare? Simple. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and forsake your sins! Start serving Him in spirit and in truth, and ignore the sinful distractions of this world. When you do this, you won't be scared of death, but will regard death as a vehicle that will transport you to the presence of God your Father in Heaven

It is well with you in Jesus Name Amen


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