Let's Identify The Ways Satan Fight Christian Faith And Profer Solutions
Happy New Month! Good morning children of the living God. It has been said by some that Christians are mere talkers in the World, but never doers. Is it true that we only complain about problems facing us instead of following the Word of our God that says "Faith without Work is dead!"? James 2:26.

I don't believe that JESUS called us to be just talkers and complainers, HE said only Doers of HIS Word shall enter His Kingdom. Genesis 1:26, Luke 11:28, James 1:22

So, today we shall not just identify and blab away about challenges facing Chriatians in the World, we shall identify them and Profer realistic feasible Solutions to them. So, let's go now, identify way or ways that Satan if fighting Christian Faith in the World and profer a feasible Solution(s).
Now, let's get the ball rolling!

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