When You Can't Stop Having Causal Sex
by Sunday Akanni

You should understand that when God created our first parents - Adam and Eve - in the Garden of Eden, He created them in and into perfection. Unfortunately, immediately they sinned against God JEHOVAH by disobeying HIM, corruption crept in. Their corrupt nature has been passed from generation to generation, and every human born of a woman keeps inheriting a corrupt flesh that is always naturally eager to do what is wrong and sin against God.

That's why even a toddler will effortlessly do the wrong thing. The human flesh finds pleasure and comfort in going contrary to the Will of God. There is no exception when it comes to issues that pertains sex and sexuality. The average person will naturally be eager (and find it pleasurable) to indulge in immoral sexual activities (including premarital sex, extramarital sex, homosexuality, masturbation and pornography, etc)

There are a lot of people out there today who can't just hold themselves from sleeping around. They have lost count of the number of people that have seen their sacred unclothedness on the bed of immorality. Unfortunately, some are still ignorant of the fact that casual sex will get them ruined sooner or later (STDs, unwanted pregnancies, stepping on the wrong toes and being murdered as an act of revenge, giving the devil and his demons the chance to afflict them severely, etc). On the other hand, there are those who are aware of the wrongness and repercussions attached to immoral sexual activities, and have been struggling to stop.

The standard of the Lord remain sure and steadfast, despite how deep our society has been dipped into the dirty pool of corruption. The Will of God is that sex should be between a married man and his wife inside the safe circle of their marriage institution. And while your flesh would always crave for what is sinful (which will eventually lead you into trouble), you must partner with God to kill the flesh and its sinful cravings and compulsions

Our weak flesh powerfully oppose our willing spirit's intentions to please God and follow the Lord Jesus in the obedience of faith. Therefore, you must be determined to fight the flesh everyday, irrespective of your current situation. Understand that God has already given us what it takes to conquer the power of our weakness - He sent Jesus Christ to give us Victory over sin and to empower us (through the Holy Spirit) to live in complete holiness and purity. Therefore, the first major step is to embrace Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and surrender to His Lordship. Just call upon His Name wherever you are, and He will show you mercy.

When you made the wise decision to make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, you will become a new creature that starts walking in newness of life, made possible by living according to the Spirit and not walking according to the dictates of your weak flesh.

When you submit yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit, He guides you into truth, and you won't be enslaved to the cravings and compulsions of your flesh. Every moment, you must keep resisting the demands of the flesh. The devil's deceitfulness makes people feel they will be happier when they gratify the sinful desires of the flesh by indulging in sinful activities like sexual immorality. However, the truth remains that, by deciding to walk according to the Will of God in purity and holiness, you are only saving yourself from the terrible consequences that comes with sin (which are meant to destroy you). These things are true.

In conclusion, the Will of God is that you should have dominion over creation, and shouldn't be a slave to anything negative. You are not meant to be a slave to your sexual urges, but should have complete control over your body. Surrender yourself wholly to the Lord Jesus, and grow in your relationship with God. Be committed to the the things of the Spirit. Create a personal system, atmosphere and environment that will keep enhancing your relationship with God and keep flourishing with ease. Discipline yourself to pray at all times; study the Bible and other Christian literature; listen to spiritual and edifying songs and watch movies that will build your faith; let your close friends be fellow Christians that will always motivate you to get closer to God; ignore the companionship of sinners and unbelievers; ignore immoral books, songs, websites, movies, etc.

God loves you.

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