"My Neighbor's Wife Is Tempting Me With Sex Offer"
Last month made it 4 years since my neighbor travelled to Italy via the Mediterranean Sea. Thank God for him, he arrived safely irrespective of the hurdles on the way.

He left behind a beautiful young woman not up to 29 years of age and with a little daughter of 6 years old.

Prio to this time I wasn't close to the wife but as time goes by this woman started greeting me frequently, exchanging cd plates with me even joining me to watch movies sometimes. I started noticing she's hot with her sexy hairy body. One night she opened up to me that she needs the touch of a man if we could be doing it secretly because her husband still promise to come for her hence what she needs is someone to be touching her once in a while and it must be a secret.

I truely like the offer but I'm scared of betraying my neighbor by banging his wife. I'm still thinking about it.

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