How Wildlife Photographers Get Their Contents (Photos)
Zimri created a thread recently, a very enlightening one I must add and some people were pretty curious as to how these images are captured. After following lots of wildlife photographers, I think I can give an elementary list on how they achieve this feat. This list is not encompassing.

— First it might please us to know that these photographers always work with locals and rangers. So, if you are a hunter here and you know where a cluster of interesting wildlife can be found in Nigeria- rather than kill them for pepper soup, reach out to these guys.

1—Camouflage; This is perfect not just for unpredictable animals, but for shy and fast moving animals too (e.g) birds. After a series of failed attempts, a wildlife photographer, Henryk Janowski, came up with an ingenious disguise to get close to his subjects. He built a floating swan that could support his equipment. Unperturbed by the size of the swan, he floated around the birds and got good pictures/videos.

Pictures of the swan and some photos he took.

from Nairaland

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