Divorce Or Separation?
In situations of discovery of massive Paternity frauds, uncontrollable cheating and adultery and series of attempted murder by a partner, is Divorce the way out or Separation?

One of my Sunday School sessions sometime ago said Divorce is not the way out even if a partner made several attempts to kill you through various means in your house and that it's better to separate. Another group opined that since you are both married you are not expected to leave the house. That by leaving you are giving room for the enemy to take over your home.

Most Churches are also of the view that Divorce is no solution as it is held scripturally that God hates divorce. And I read that divorce is permitted if one partner have been sexually unfaithful. But such permission is due to our wicked hearts. But I still find it difficult to comprehend why some of our religious leaders in religious gathering still won't opt for a divorce and neither a separation in a case where paternity, maternity fraud and adultery which have been kept secret for years were later found to be discovered.

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