The First Shall Be Last And The Last Shall Be First

Matthew 21:28-31, Luke 18:9-14

These words were Repeated by JESUS CHRIST Himself.
Matthew 19:30, Matthew 20:16, Mark 10:31, Luke 13:30.

We should not be Carried away in our WORK for GOD to the Detriment of our WALK with GOD.

It is not Enough for you to Claim you Know GOD. The Question is does GOD know you?

You Might be a Pastor, Bishop, Leader,Evangelist, Prayer Warrior,worker etc in the Church

You Might attend all the Services, Vigils, Meetings, etc

You may Have been the one that Started the church In your House, Nation or Community

You May have been Saved Since 1970 or Whatever

All these are Good but the Ultimate is What is the Current state of your Personal Relationship with GOD?
Does The MASTER know you ?

One of my Earnest Prayer is " LORD, may I not be like the park boys in a bus park that loads a bus with people and do not go with the bus" in JESUS NAME.

1cor10:12 " Wherefore Let Him that thinketh he standeth take heed, lest he falls"


1. Being a Hearer of The WORD and Not a Doer Romans 2:13, James1:22-25

2. Working For The LORD and Not Walking with The LORD Matthew 7:21-23, Matthew 25:11-12

3. Having a Judgemental Spirit: you are quick to look at people even in the church and call them sinners . Or you see someone and due to the way he /she looks you castigate Him or her.

Just as what happened on this site few days ago. I. Saw a lady who came out to share her Challenges.Some of the Comments I saw here put tears in my eyes. Because someone made a Mistake in the past should not be a reason to crush her down. Once Repentance is made, JESUS Christ Forgives instantly.
Many who were busy insulting her may be shocked to see the lady in Heaven while they are still here. The First will be Last and the Last be First!

4. Living by your own Standard of Righteousness. Luke 6:46-49

5. Murmurings, Gossip, tale bearers in the Church: you claim to be a Believer but you engage in gossips and unnecessary talkings about that Brother or that sister! This One dress this way or that way! Our Sister should beware of this.

6. Familiarity With The WORD of GOD Or His Servant: Many Believers are guilty of this.

7. Hunger and Drive For Positions in the Church and not Having a Position with GOD ALMIGHTY, the Owner of the Church.

Only the Living has a Chance to Amend. Its an opportunity for us to check ourselves and ensure that we are Walking with GOD and not Just Working for GOD.

It's an opportunity for us to check and ensure our Personal Relationship with GOD is intact.

It is Better For one to leave The Work for GOD and Settle your Walk with GOD FIRST.

Pastor, Woman leader, Choir, Evangelist, Prayer Warrior, Youth Leader and all that are Titles. They do not Take anyone to Heaven.

Our Walk with GOD! Our Personal Relationship with GOD ALMIGHTY is the ultimate!

Let Him/ Her that Thinketh He Standeth, Take Heed, lest He falls.

The First Shall be the Last and The Last The First.

May GOD ALMIGHTY Help us to Make Amends where Neccessary in JESUS NAME

from Nairaland

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