How To Be The Apostle Paul Of Our Generation
Apostle Paul is one of the greatest evangelists that ever lived more than 1500yrs after his earthly demise, his letters and teachings are still been read by Christians and are still saving souls.

He has more letters in the new testament than any other person. This great man lived in a time when christians were being persecuted. He was bound in chains 2 Timothy 2:9, kept in prisons Act 16:16-40, stoned Acts 14:19, insulted yet he kept writing and preaching till he paid the ultimate price.

Yet, we who are lucky to be in a generation with less christian persecution and have the internet to reach millions from our homes are yet to harness the opportunity and even do better than him. And that leads us to a very important question, if Apostle Paul was alive in 2020, what would he be doing?

- He would have a facebook page where he preaches to people daily and wins souls for Christ

- He would have a twitter page where he posts witful and inspiring christian messages that would trend in blogs wink wink

- Oh, his Instagram page would be filled with Godly images and messages always reminding us that dust we are and dust we shall return to. I can imagine his instagram live videos turning staunch sinners to fishers of men. Plus, IG challenges like #smile4Jesus he would create.

-His whatsapp nko, he would compose Gospel messages and recordings and send to people

-He would have a nairaland account through which he posts teachings every sunday morning and bring out time to educate those ignorant of the saving power of Jesus

-Wow, he will have a youtube page where he will preach to millions from the comfort of his room using animations,illustrations or just his lovely face

-O boy, he would have a youtube page dedicated to producing gospel skits and short drama grin grin
-Wow, he could even have a youtube page for christian movies cheesy cheesy

-Come to think of it, our fav apostle could own a dstv channel dedicated to showing christian movies solely

The truth is, he can't do this things because he has ran his race and is resting in the Lord. What about you and I that have been giving the gift to be alive in this 21st century? We can do all these and more.

Share in this thread other things we can do for the Lord and why you haven't started doing it lipsrsealed. I pray this thread opens our eyes to the fact that we all have been called to be fishers of men (Matt 4:19) and makes us work towards it.

Remember to pray to The Heavenly Father for the anointing and strength (ps 46:1-3) to carry out the task you have decided to do. May His Grace continue to be on the eyes of all those who read this. Amen.

from Nairaland

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